Emoiryah Singer-Songwriter

Emoiryah, a.k.a Jennifer Lauren has an immense passion for songwriting. Her songs speak volumes when you take the moment to listen to her heartfelt lyrics and the soulfulness of her voice. Music has been embedded into her soul from an early start with the influence of her very musical family.

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From an early age, Emoiryah started her musical career as a session worker, singing on various films and soundtracks by her father, composer Stu Goldberg. When Emoiryah found her voice she took up classical training and performed musical theater in front of audiences.
Emoiryah worked many years perfecting her stage presence and vocal techniques through her love of performing.

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Throughout her career as a songwriter Emoiryah has been drawn to many different styles; from Pop, ballad, R&B, and Vocal Trance to name a few. Two of her favorite styles are Meditation Vocals and beautiful Celtic inspired melodies. Today, with her love of electronic music, Emoiryah is very passionate about collaborating with inspiring Trance artists and talented producers of all styles worldwide.

Emoiryah’s debut Trance single release “LOST IN THE CITY”!

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